Wednesday, 25 February 2009

Dissensus Tape Swap

As part of the most recent round of the Dissensus tape swap, I've done my review.

Wednesday, 4 February 2009

Obligatory Snow Pictures

Work has been closed on both monday and tuesday (and there's little point in me being here today, frankly), so like the rest of the nation I thought I'd bung some pictures up (poor quality, from phone).

Yesterday was crisp, cold and sunny, so a long walk was had. Very few people on top of the moor, plenty of people sledging at the bottom.

It was a good feeling trudging through 6 inch deep virgin snow for a couple of miles, before coming across other people's tracks again.

I saw a man wearing snow shoes.

It was so windy, snow had frozen to whatever vegetation was left open to the elements in an orderly fashion:

There were lots of grouse about, the snow leaving them feeling exposed what with their brown plumage and all. Like humans,they used it as an excuse to noisily attack each other. I couldn't take an actual photo of the birds in action, so here's a foot/wing print:

Those benches might be familiar if you used to read the old blog:

Stopping for a hot drink at White Wells was tempting. But not tempting enough for an intrepid explorer like me. I saved myself for Tescos.

BBC Look North weatherman Paul Hudson must be shaking in his boots at the threat this post poses to his daily weather photos section